Typing Test - Paragraphs

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Improve your WPM speed with our free online typing tests. To simulate real-world keyboarding, you will be typing full paragraphs, and you won't see your errors or your speed until the test is finished.

The 5 minute typing test is the most common way for employers to judge your typing speed. One minute and 3 minute tests are great practice, but they are less likely to be used for a job application. We also offer a 10 minute test if you want to do a "marathon", and you can practice with no timer so you can improve your skills without any pressure.

We recommend that you read "Prevent Injury and Fatigue With Correct Typing Posture" before starting.

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Timed Typing Tests (WPM) INSTRUCTIONS

  • Type the word that is highlighted in green.
  • You can use a single space OR a double space after a period.
  • Do not press enter at the end of each line, only at the end of the paragraph.
  • You can use backspace to correct your errors, but don't hold the backspace key down.
  • The words will scroll automatically when you are finished with each paragraph.
  • If you want to know how your WPM and accuracy are calculated, or if you have any problems, suggestions, or comments - see our 'Help' page.