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Measuring Words Per Minute: WPM is the standard way to measure typing speed. A word is equal to 5 characters (including spaces), so typing 'elephants' is equal to two words, and typing 'if I' is equal to one word. Your gross WPM is shown at the bottom, but the error-adjusted WPM is the more accurate score. To get the error adjusted WPM, we subtract your errors-per-minute from your gross WPM.

We measure your errors by how many WORDS you get incorrect, not each character. When the timer runs out, you will not be penalized for having an incomplete word, as long as the part that you have typed is correct. If you skip a word, usually by typing "asin" instead of "as in", it counts as 2 uncorrected errors. The same goes if you type "clear headed" when the test is asking for "clear-headed", it is also two errors. If you make one of these mistakes, the test will fix the problem when you type the next word correctly.

Accuracy is measured by calculating your actual mistakes (including the corrected ones). We record how many times you go back to correct errors - it doesn't matter if you have to backspace 10 times to get to the error, it only counts as one correction. Then we add in your uncorrected errors to get your true accuracy.

If you get the message, "Make sure your caps-lock is not on, and that you are typing the highlighted word" - This is shown when your error-adjusted WPM is less than 5, (most likely because of errors). Please try another test, and make sure you don't skip any words. If you continue to have problems, please email us at the address on the top of this page and tell us what browser you are using.

Measuring KPH in our Ten Key Tests: Keystrokes Per Hour (KPH) is the standard for measuring data entry speed. Keystrokes are calculated at the end of the test. If you erase something and correct your error, only the corrected text will be counted. The test will keep track of your corrected errors, but they are not counted against you. If you type an incorrect character, you will be charged with one error. If you skip a character altogether, the subsequent numbers on that line will be in the wrong place, so your errors will show this.