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This site is designed to be the most realistic timed typing test on the internet. Prepare for your employment skills test by typing full sentences and real paragraphs. Unlike some other sites, you will not be forced to correct your errors or prevented from using the backspace key. You will not be alerted of your errors until the time is over, and we don't have a distracting WPM meter next to the test. Another feature of the test is the fact that the text you are typing does not line up with the words that you are reading. Typing games can be a great way to learn, but this is the place for adults and older children to judge their true WPM and accuracy.
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Our WPM tests use over 20 paragraphs chosen at random, and your choice of 1, 3, or 5 minute timed typing tests. You can use a single space or double spacing after periods. When you are finished, any uncorrected errors will turn red and the correct spelling will be shown next to the error.

The 'Ten Key' data entry tests are for people who need to practice typing on the number pad. These tests measure your speed in KPM (keystrokes per hour), the standard for data entry employment tests.

All of our timed WPM tests use content that is free and not under copyright law in the United States. For more information on this, and to see how your WPM and accuracy are calculated, see our 'help' page.