Ten Key Data Entry Tests

Learn 10 Key By Touch

The 10 key pad is the group of numbers and symbols on the right side of most keyboards, it can also be a number pad with no keyboard attached. Ten key speed is measured with a Keystrokes per Hour Test.

Accuracy is extremely important because proof-reading is very difficult when you are trying to read a bunch of numbers. The minimum required KPH for many data entry jobs is 9,000. Scoring over 12,000 KPH with good accuracy (98%) on our free 10 key practice tests will qualify you for just about any data entry job.

Some employers will test your speed using the numbers only, by typing zip codes, and others will test you on all of the keys including the math symbols. If you want to know how your KPH test scores are calculated, see our 'HELP' page.


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Complete 10 Key Test

(Numbers And Symbols)

Zip Code Test

(Numbers Only)
Full 10 Key Pad Test
Zip Code Test